Posted by on July 16, 2007

I occasionally read an article from Jamie Clarkson regarding the black hat SEO strategy. It mentions Project Black Mask is not for the fainthearted, as it employs some notorious “black hat” strategies to suck traffic from the search engines. Essentially, Project Black Mask teaches exactly how some of the biggest search engine spammers pull off getting thousands of pages and websites indexed in order to earn money from Google Adsense. Unfortunately, there are some serious issues with this whole search engine game – the first of which is that this type of behavior, considered highly unethical in some quarters, has caused Google and other search engines to tighten their algorithms so much that white or gray hat sites are getting penalized as well, e.g., for “duplicate content.”—Scam-/247305

I have also read Project Black Mask and was wondering how to keep Adsense account from being canceled. Seems Project Black Mask provides no real answer to this problem. Unless you can open up accounts in the name of several shell companies, it will be very risky to use black hat SEO strategy and create thousands of spammy pages including your Adsense ID in them.