Posted by on May 20, 2008

Oil Prices set another record, closing above $129 today. S&P falls 1%, Dow drops almost 1.5% and Nasdaq’s biggest drop in 2 weeks. What you can do now? Here are suggestions from some professionals.

компютри“My gut is tellingWenn die kommen, die Rolle, die sich ist 7 oder 11, dann gratis poker spiele Wetten auf den “Pass” gewinnen 1-1. me that until the oil situation finds a top plateau, we’re going to be seeing very odd market reactions–tremendously good days and some not so good days,” says Diane de Vries Ashley, managing partner of Zenith Capital Partners. “Oil is the basis of the whole market psychology at the moment.”

Dave Rovelli, managing director of US equity trading at Canaccord Adams of Boston: “I personally would start taking money off the table, I wouldn’t chase the market after the move we’ve had with the resistance in front of you.”

“What the market has to start with is some positive psychology and some momentum on the upside, and this was a very constructive weak for that,” says Charles Massimo, president of CJM Fiscal Management. “You started to see a rash of money come into the market, though not nearly as much as I’d like to see for a full turnaround.”

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