Posted by on June 6, 2009

PPC Classroom held PPC Classroom Live 3 event on May 28~ 30 at Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

That’s a great event. My partner, Andy Huang was one of the speakers and shared our successful cases of Google Adwords advertising. I also got the chance to meet Donna Fox and Mike Morgan. And also took pictures with Simon Leung and Lee Collins They are the super stars in this industry!

Andy Huang, Simon Leung, Lee Collins, Robin Collins on the Stage

me and Simon Leung

CarolYang, Simon Leung

Me and Lee Collins

Carol Yang, Lee Collins

During the lunch with Blake Mallen, the co-founders of ViSalus, we decided to work on Social Media Marketing project together very soon! Visalus is one of the fastest growing companies, and they have their own social media platform, Vi-Net. It’s very exciting progress, looking forward to working with them soon!

Carol Yang, Andy Huang, Blake Mallen

The dinner with Anik Singal, the founder of PPC Classroom and their team were fantastic as well. They are all such intelligent people, it’s an excellent experience to work with them for this event. Looking forward to attending PPC Classroom Live 4 very soon!

Carol Yang, Anik Singal