Posted by on March 31, 2007

Some of the very biggest buzz words on the internet right now are Blogging and Pinging. Many internet gurus claim these are the essentials for attracting visitors to your site and consequentially making those bucks through AdSense.
The best kind of blog lets readers put in their 2 cents worth. People love to be able to voice their opinions, and tend to get frustrated when they cant. Thus, the best blog is an online discussion web site that allows both you the web owner and your readers to voice their opinions on a specific subject.
So where do you begin? Well, for one thing, your blog needs to be specific to succeed, unless youre a celebrity. People will go to Paris Hiltons site to read just about any fool thing she writes off the top of her head, but dont think you can do that. I know its not fair, but thats how it is.
If youre not famous, you need to focus on a niche topic. For instance rather than run a Blog on dogs why not specialize in black labs or some other breed? I guarantee you, if you put a cute picture of a black lab with a red bandana around her neck up, youll have all the other black lab owners dropping by to tell stories about their own dogs.
Pinging, is how you tell the entire Blog community as a whole that your Blog site is up and running. Most Blog software has a feature that does this for you when a new post or comment has been made.
To put Blog software on your own server and running it independently on your site, I have found WordPress to be excellent software and this can be downloaded at

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